Wilkes University


Honors Students

Seeking Talented, Motivated Students

Our mission at the Wilkes University Honors Program is to recruit and retain exceptionally talented and highly motivated students by providing an enhanced, interdisciplinary educational experience, which will drive intellectual, professional and personal achievement. Additionally, the Wilkes University Honors Program anticipates raising academic expectations and greatly improving both the institution’s culture and that of the surrounding community.

In addition to Wilkes University’s core values of mentorship, scholarship, diversity, innovation and community, the honors program also looks to instill the following values in its students:Barre Hall

  • Leadership — Learning to create personal and professional opportunities to positively influence one’s self and others toward the common good.
  • Integrity — Demonstrating the highest level of ethical and moral standards with both determination and humility.
  • Self-Awareness — Striving for an accurate assessment of one’s self through reflection.
  • Academic Distinction — Pursuing academic excellence by engaging in rigorous and challenging experiences.

Program Resources and Opportunities

In addition to gaining an enhanced educational experience, Wilkes University honors students will enjoy the following benefits:

  • grant funding to support study abroad, research, or internship experiences
  • Honors housing for first-year residential Honors students
  • preferential course selection
  • no additional cost for course overload related to Honors work, as approved by academic advisors
  • social events such as field trips, dinners, and access to notable speakers visiting campus
  • additional advising for external scholarships, graduate school placement, and career placement
  • special notation on transcript and recognition at Commencement
  • access to a network of Wilkes University Honors Program graduates

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