Wilkes University

Information for Students & Parents


To participate in this program a student must be nominated by a school official (teacher, guidance counselor, or principal) on an official nomination form. Nomination forms are available in the Guidance Office of all area high schools or from the coordinator of the WYSP.


A Wilkes Young Scholar may take a maximum of two courses per term (Spring, Summer or Fall) under this program.

Course Selection:

A Wilkes Young Scholar may take any course for which he/she is qualified. For a complete list of courses offered in the upcoming term, please browse through the current course schedule. In general, 100-level courses are accessible to qualified participants. You may find the list of Recommended Courses helpful in making course selections. Many other courses require certain prior background (called prerequisites). When in doubt, you may:

  1. consult the course listings in the current Wilkes Bulletin, or
  2. send an inquiry by e-mail to the Coordinator of WYSP. Most courses have enrollment limits. Participants are advised to select alternate courses in the event their first choice is unavailable.

Procedure for Students

  1. Go to your school Guidance Office to see if your are eligible to participate in the WYSP.
  2. If you are eligible, you should fill out a nomination form with a school official, who must approve your course selection.
  3. Your school official will transmit (by FAX or by US mail) the completed nomination form to the Coordinator of WYSP at the address printed on the nomination form.
  4. Upon receipt of the completed nomination form, the Coordinator of WYSP will send you an authorization to register in the selected courses or notify you of any problems with the nomination or course selection.
  5. Bring the authorization with you to the Wilkes Registrar's Office to register for the course(s) selected. Course fees are payable at this time. The Registrar's Office (570-408-4850) is located in Passan Hall, South Franklin Street, Wilkes-Barre (across from the Wilkes University Gymnasium/Marts Center).
  6. Purchase the required textbook(s) from the university bookstore (570-208-4700) located in the Barnes & Noble store, lower-level, at 7 South Main Street just south of Public Square in downtown Wilkes-Barre.
  7. A new nomination form must be submitted in each subsequent term or semester after your initial participation in the WYSP.

Transfer Credits
Courses taken by Wilkes Young Scholars are the same courses taken by Wilkes University students. They are counted toward degree programs at Wilkes and may allow the student to shorten the length of time required to earn a degree by one or more semesters. To transfer the credits to another accredited college or university, the student must request a transcript be sent to that institution by the Wilkes Registrar's Office (570-408-4856).