Wilkes University

Information for School Officials

Welcome, School Officials. 

If you are already on the WYSP mailing list, you will continue to receive our packet of information twice a year, in November (for spring term registration), and in April (for summer and fall terms).

The packet contains:

    • a descriptive leaflet about the Wilkes Young Scholars Program,
    • a Master schedule of course offerings in the upcoming term(s),
    • several official nomination forms,
    • and a response form to help us keep the mailing list up-to-date.

If you would like to be added to our WYSP mailing list, please send your name, position, school, full address, email address and telephone and fax numbers to us by US mail or e-mail.

Procedure for School Officials:

  1. Determine the eligibility of your student to participate in WYSP. Generally speaking, a student should
    • have completed his or her sophomore year, and
    • rank in the top 15% of his or her class.
    Exceptional students who, in your judgement, are equipped to benefit from beginning college-level work will also be considered.
  2. Check the Master Schedule for the upcoming term to assist and advise your students in course selection. You may find a list of Recommended Courses for Wilkes Young Scholars helpful.
  3. Send the completed nomination form to us by FAX or by US mail. Please do not give the completed nomination form to your student.
  4. Upon receipt of the nomination form, we will send the student an authorization to register for the course(s). The student will need to contact the Wilkes Registrar's Office to register for selected courses.