Wilkes University

Program Outcomes / Purpose


The purpose of the Master of Science with Major in Nursing at Wilkes University is to prepare the Nurse Practitioner, Nurse Executive, and Nurse Educator for advanced nursing practice.  This multidisciplinary program provides a foundation for further study in nursing and continued professional development.  Graduates are eligible for national certification.  Each student's program of study is planned to meet individualized personal goals and professional requirements.

Program Outcomes

The Master of Science with Major in Nursing program at Wilkes University prepares students to:

  1. Engage in lifelong learning in a constantly evolving and multicultural world.
  2. Demonstrate competence in the development of scientific inquiry relevant to clinical practice, administration, or education.
  3. Utilize leadership strategies that foster improvement of patient and population health.
  4. Advance nursing practice by translating evidence in a variety of roles and areas of practice.
  5. Improve healthcare outcomes through interprofessional collaboration.