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What is Web 2.0

According to Wikipedia, “Web 2.0 is a trend in World Wide Web technology, and web design, a second generation of web-based communities and hosted services such as social-networking sites, wikis, blogs, and folksonomies, which aim to facilitate creativity, collaboration, and sharing among users.”

Educators today are finding many uses for Web 2.0 technologies in their curriculum.  Some of the most popular Web 2.0 applications are a great way to bookmark web information to share or store and Google Docs: a free online site that allows teachers and students to collaborate via text, spreadsheets and presentations. Some other Web 2.0 applications include Wikispaces: a place where groups, friends and families can collaborate and edit free web pages together; Blogger: a free automated weblog publishing tool; Skype: software that allows free unlimited high quality voice communication over the Internet; Twitter: a free social networking and micro blogging service for staying connected in real time; and Flickr: an online photo management and sharing site.  For more information and more resources on Web 2.0 visit the site:

Blogging is increasingly being used in education.  Blogging allows students to document their thoughts over time and facilitates feedback from teachers, peers, and even the world!
Many educators are using Web 2.0 applications in place of proprietary software on their computers today.  With the new trend in classroom technology the possibilities are endless.  The RCRC will be offering a workshop on Web 2.0, April 10th. If you would like to explore some of the applications of Web 2.0 in the classroom, please call or send the registration form on the back of this newsletter.


Educational Leadership Low Residency/Online Program

The MS in Educational Leadership (EDLS) is available online. EDLS Online allows students to pursue the MS in Educational Leadership degree in a convenient web-based format, augmented by field experience in the participant’s school district.  The EDLS Online program is designed to meet PA Department of Education standards for principals.

EDLS Online begins by bringing student cohorts to the university campus in Wilkes-Barre, PA for a week-long summer residency.  During the residency students begin work in the first two courses that form the base of the EDLS experience--ED 516 Educational Leadership and ED 517 The Principalship.  The residency also gives students a chance to form strong connections with the classmates who will be their work-partners throughout the EDLS Online program.

Following the residency, students finish their work in ED 516 and ED 517 during the fall term.  These and all subsequent courses are conducted through the Internet.  Every EDLS Online course includes a field experience component, helping students to connect their growing professional capabilities to real-life applications in their school districts.

The four core classes (ED 519, 520, 522, 585) are offered online as well as at a number of locations, in an effort to accommodate the demanding schedules of our candidates for principal certification.

Students should follow the course sequence listed in order to complete all necessary requirements.  Consistent participation in their original cohort will enable students to attain the MS in Educational Leadership degree in 24 months. Candidates will be recommended for K-12 principal certification upon successful completion of:
    * One week residency
    * EDLS Online program of study
    * PDE required principal certification exam (Praxis 0410) administered by ETS
    * 5 years of professional school experience

Summer 2008 Cohorts are forming now. The Summer 2008 cohorts will hold their residency on the Wilkes University campus in Wilkes-Barre, PA late July 14 - 18.
    * Applications for the Summer 2008 cohort will be accepted until the cohort is filled or until July 1, 2008.
    * Accommodations with special rates will be available at the Wilkes-Barre Ramada Hotel.
    * 3 meals a day will be available at the Wilkes campus dining facilities.
To apply you must:
   1. Be a new applicant to the EDLS program at Wilkes.
   2. Complete the Wilkes University Graduate Application process with “EDLS Online” as your Site.
   3. Submit a copy of your Pennsylvania teaching certificate.

EDLS on Campus

The popular Educational Leadership Wilkes Campus Weekender Program with K-12 Principal Certification will offer the following courses during the summer semester:

ED 573: Evaluation of Educational Programs
ED 574: School/ Community Relations

The weekday sequence will continue at IU #19 Site Schools in the summer, with ED 517: The Principalship and ED 576: Site Management.

The Wilkes EDLS program provides experienced administrators as instructors, convenient locations and meeting times for teaching professionals, reduced tuition for graduate education courses with a deferred payment option, a program aligned with PDE standards and interactive classes. The MS in Educational Leadership prepares candidates for the PA required licensure exam (Praxis #410) and the job interview process.

This administrative preparation program consists of 36 credits, which may be completed in two years. Candidates will be recommended for K-12 principal certification upon successful completion of the program, the principal certification exam administered by ETS and five years of professional school experience on a teaching certificate in the subject the candidate is teaching.

To request a graduate application, or to plan a course sequence, which will meet your individual needs, please contact:
Rhoda Tillman, PhD
Coordinator, Educational Leadership
(570) 408-4677 or (800) WILKES U, ext. 4677