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Lawrence Schiller

Lawrence Schiller – (Advisory Board Member) Photojournalist, Novelist, Nonfiction Writer, Producer, Director, Screenwriter.

Lawrence Schiller is an advisory board member, photojournalist, novelist, nonfiction writer, producer, director, and screenwriter. Lawrence Schiller grew up outside of San Diego, California. After attending Pepperdine College in Los Angeles, he worked for LIFE magazine, Paris Match, The Sunday Times, Newsweek, Stern, and The Saturday Evening Post as a photojournalist. His first book, LSD, was published in 1966. Since then, he's published eleven books, including W. Eugene Smith's Minamata and Norman Mailer's Marilyn. He's also collaborated with Albert Goldman on Ladies and Gentlemen and Norman Mailer on The Executioner's Song and Oswald's Tale. His own books include: American Tragedy; Perfect Murder, Perfect Town; Cape May Court Houses; and Into the Mirror. He has directed seven motion pictures and miniseries for television: The Executioner's Song and Peter the Great, which won five Emmys. American Tragedy; Perfect Murder, Perfect Town; and Into the Mirror were made into television mini-series for CBS. Schiller produced and directed each of the motion pictures. In 2008, after the death of Mailer, he was named senior advisor to the Norman Mailer Estate and is the managing director of the Norman Mailer Center, which he created with Norris Church Mailer. Schiller was a close friend of Mailer and collaborator on five of his works. He also serves as director of the Norman Mailer Licensing Company. Schiller is a consultant to NBC News and has written for The New Yorker.

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