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Jan Quackenbush

Jan QuckenbushJan Quackenbush
Playwright, Editor, Prose Writer

Jan Quackenbush--Playwright. Jan Quackenbush has had plays produced in the USA and in Europe. His published plays include: Calcium and Other Plays, Still Fires, Opfer (Victims, published in Austria), Im Kreis Draussen (Inside Out, published in Austria), and Inside Out and Other Plays, London. His prose poem, Simeon In Memoriam was published by Calder & Boyars, Ltd, London, in Signature Anthology 20, with Samuel Beckett and Eugene Ionesco. He has had several productions at the La MaMa E.T.C. theatre in New York and has had three plays in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Additionally, he has published fiction in Stone Eggs, a Barnes & Noble Anthology. His poem "Is There Someone To Uplift Me" was published in 2012 in an anthology, A Hurricane Katrina Poetic Commemorative. Jan has had several short one-act plays translated into German (2009-2015) and produced in Ulm, Germany, by the avant-garde Westentasche Theatre Company. In summer of 2014, The Soldier's Son -the third play of a trilogy – The Soldier and his Family - was premiered by the Westentasche Theatre in Ulm, and presented again in June 2015 in a German national theatre festival Baden-Würtetembergischen Theatertagen, Heidelberg. Oct. 2015, Jan's one-act play Irak Attack at the Pierre Fontaine, available through fellow-faculty member Jean Klein's www.bluemoonplays.com, was presented at Calvery Arts Center, New Lexington, OH. Jan's new play, The Sparrow of Ulm, will be premiered by Westentache Theatre Company of Ulm in the summer of 2016. Jan is also writing a second new play for the Westentashe theatre this year. Jan ended his service in Vietnam assigned to the Army Entertainment Branch where he co-wrote Withering Witherspoon: An  Old-Fashion Mellerdrama that Command Military Touring Shows (CMTS) played to soldiers throughout Vietnam. Jan is proud to be a faculty member of the Maslow Family Graduate Program in Creative Writing. Jan is presently represented by Jean Klein, host of website www.bluemoonplays.com.
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