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J. Michael Lennon, vice president emeritus for academic affairs, professor emeritus of English and co-founder of the graduate creative writing program at Wilkes University, released his new biography of the late Pulitzer Prize-winning author Norman Mailer.

Norman Mailer: A Double Life was released Oct. 15 by Simon & Schuster and is described by The Washington Post as “a great wallop of a book.”J. Michael Lennon

Hailed as a “must read” by Kirkus Reviews, the book reflects Mailer’s dual identities: journalist and activist, devoted family man and notorious philanderer, intellectual and fighter, writer and public figure. Lennon is Mailer’s authorized biographer and was given access to thousands of letters, interviews and other materials. Integrating the streams of material became the most difficult part of the biography project for Lennon. Included in the plethora of papers were over 45,000 letters written to and by Mailer, unpublished journals and interviews with Mailer, his friends and family. One of Lennon’s chief challenges was ensuring that Mailer and his private life were accorded as much exposition and analysis as the public man.
He describes how he got to know the late author. “In 1971, right after he got into a tussle with Gore Vidal on the Dick Cavett Show, I wrote him a letter of support, and also passed on some of my theories about his recent nonfiction books, which were changing the way major events were reported,” Lennon says. Mailer was one of the leading voices of the New Journalism during the 1960s. This literary genre is a writing technique that combines fictional story telling with reportage.
After corresponding, Lennon and Mailer met in fall 1972 at Western Illinois University. Mailer had presented a reading from his account of the 1972 elections. “We talked late into the night at a local bar,” recalls Lennon, who chairs the Mailer Review board. “And every summer after that, my family and I visited him in Maine or Provincetown, Mass.” Over time, they grew closer as Lennon began editing books by and about Mailer. In 1986, after reading Lennon’s book, Critical Essays on Norman Mailer, Mailer asked him to serve as one of his literary executors.
J. Michael Lennon Teaches at Wilkes UniversityMailer described his relationship with Lennon in the preface of a bio-bibliography Norman Mailer: Works and Days, written by Lennon and his wife, Donna Pedro Lennon. “Sometimes I think Mike Lennon and I were as designed for each other as some species of American Yin and Yang, as hot dogs, perhaps, and mustard. His talents, his discipline, and his ambition form a compliment to all the slacks, voids, and indolences of my nature,” Mailer wrote.
Mailer won Pulitzer Prizes for The Armies of the Night and The Executioner’s Song. His first book, The Naked and the Dead, was an enormous bestseller, and Mailer would have 10 more bestsellers from the 44 books he published. He also was co-founder of The Village Voice.
Wilkes University offers the M.A./M.F.A. in Creative Writing with areas of study in creative nonfiction, fiction, poetry, screenwriting and playwriting. New in 2014 are genres in publishing and making documentary films. Mailer, who died in 2007 at 84, was the founding chair of the program’s advisory board. Lennon co-founded the program with program director Bonnie Culver.


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J. Michael Lennon
-- (Advisory Board Member, Faculty) Nonfiction Writer, Program Co-Founder.
J. Michael Lennon is the late Norman Mailer's archivist, editor, and authorized biographer. Norman Mailer: A Double Life (2013) was chosen as an "Editors' Choice" book by the New York Times Book Review and was one of Amazon's top twenty nonfiction books of the year. The paperback edition, published October, 2104, was chosen as the top paperback bio for October by the Times of London. He recently edited Selected Letters of Norman Mailer (2014). Other books include: On God: An  Uncommon Conversation (with Mailer, 2007), Norman Mailer: Works and Days (2000) (with Donna Pedro Lennon), the recipient of a Choice Magazine award for "outstanding scholarly title" in 2001; and three edited volumes: Conversations with Norman Mailer (1988), The James Jones Reader (1991), and Mailer's The Spooky Art: Some Thoughts on Writing (2003). He is the current president of The Norman Mailer Society and past president of The James Jones Literary Society, and serves as Chair of the Editorial Board of The Mailer Review. His work has appeared in The New Yorker, Paris Review, Mailer Review, New York Review of Books, James Jones Literary Society Journal, Playboy, Creative Nonfiction, Times Literary Supplement, Hippocampus, Provincetown Arts, Chicago Tribune, New York, New England Review, and the Journal of Modern Literature, among others. He co-authored Mailer's last book, On God: AnUncommon Conversation (2007), and in 2012, edited Mailer's biography of Marilyn Monroe, Norman Mailer/Bert Stern: Marilyn Monroe, also for Taschen. Recently, he edited the Taschen edition of Mailer's The Fight (fall, 2016), and contributed the introduction to the Taschen edition of Mailer's essay on JFK, "Superman Comes to the Supermarket" (2014). His documentary, James Jones: From Reveille to Taps, was shown on PBS in 1984, and The Lincolns of  Springfield, Illinois was shown in 1990. He was a faculty member and executive director of the Institute of Public Affairs at the University of Illinois-Springfield from 1972-1992, and is Emeritus Vice-President for Academic Affairs and Emeritus Professor of English at Wilkes University. He continues to teach in the Maslow Family Graduate Program in Creative Writing, which he co-founded, and for The Mailer Center, and serves on the advisory boards of both, and also Etruscan Press. He served from 2005-2007 as a literary consultant at the Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center, University of Texas-Austin. He is currently editing (with Susan Mailer) "Lipton's," Mailer's 1953-54 marijuana journal, and all of Mailer's major works for the Library of America. He received his M.A. and Ph.D. in English from the University of Rhode Island.

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