Criteria for Selecting Graduate Assistants 

  1. Admission to the program and full-time status.
  2. Full-time (nine credits per semester) status while holding the assistantship.
  3. Minimum 3.0 undergraduate grade point average. Current graduate students may apply for an assistantship after completion of nine semester hours of graduate credit with a cumulative average of 3.0 or higher.
  4. Two additional letters of recommendation and submission application materials.
  5. Successful interview or equivalent assessment of suitability for assistantship by department personnel.
  6. Ability and willingness to perform the duties outlined in the job posting and assigned by the Director/Department Chair of the respective program.
  7. Counselorship in an undergraduate residence hall is available each year to graduate students. Applications for these positions must be filed with the Director of Housing no later than February 1 to be considered for the academic year beginning in September. 

General Application Steps

Be sure to follow any other instructions contained in the job description.
  1. Select the job of interest below.
  2. Complete the Graduate Assistant Application.
  3. Submit an application to hiring manager.

Several Graduate Assistantship positions are available for exceptional students who are interested in joining the master's program in Electrical Engineering and Bio-engineering programs at Wilkes University.

For more information, please contact Dr. Abas Sabouni at

The Wilkes University Communication Studies Department is seeking an incoming Graduate Student to serve as a Graduate Assistant (GA) for their office. The position is for one year, and starts August 2021. The GA is required to work 10 hours per week in Fall 2021 and Spring 2022, and will be compensated through tuition remission for graduate courses.  Reporting to the Chair of the Communication Studies Department, the graduate assistant will have responsibility for working with the co-curriculums of the Speech and Debate team and Zebra Communications.  For Speech and Debate, the GA will assist with the tournament travel schedule and arrangements, providing support for tournament events, and event planning and execution of Wilkes hosted tournaments.  For Zebra Communications, the GA will create and maintain client records, and provide support for Zebra’s faculty adviser.

The student must maintain a 3.0 GPA or higher. Interested applicants with a Bachelor’s degree, should email their resume, a cover letter, and a list of references to Dr. Evene Estwick at The position requires on-campus work.