Wilkes University

Revision Workshops -- 2nd Drafts

Writer, Respond to the following items:
  1. How is this draft different from your original version?

  2. What was your intent in your original draft? In your revised version? How/why did you change your intent?

  3. In your revised draft, who is your ideal reader? Specify their backgrounds/characteristics in as much detail as possible. (age, race, gender, etc.)

  4. How is your revised draft more successful than your original? Less successful?

  5. How can this draft be revised again? How complete is this draft?

Reader, Evaluate the following (1=strong; 4=weak) and provide commentary:
  1. Principle(s) of organization

  2. Focus

  3. Specification of Audience

  4. Identification with Audience

  5. Use/Level of Detail

Post Workshop | Evaluate the following (1=strong; 4=weak) and provide commentary:
  1. Progress in Draft

  2. Degree of Satisfaction with Revised Draft

  3. Likelihood for an additional rewrite

  4. Awareness of Audience

  5. Awareness of Intent

  6. Satisfaction with Organization

  7. Satisfaction with Detail

  8. Quality of Feedback