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Summary & Paraphrase

 What's the Difference? 

A Summary "condenses an extended idea...

or argument into a sentence or more in your own words."

Here is an example...

Original Text
"Generalizing about male and female sterotypes of management is a tricky business, because stereotypes have traditionally been used to keep women down. Not too long ago it was a widely accepted truth that women were unstable, indecisive, temperamental and manipulative and weren't good team members because they'd never played football. In fighting off these prejudices many women simply tried to adopt masculine traits in the office."

"Rather than be labeled with the sexist stereotypes that prevented their promotions, many women adopted masculine qualities."

Paraphrase "follow[s] much more closely...

the author's original presentation, but still...[restated] in your own words."

Here are some paraphrases of the Original Text shown toward the top of this page...

"Because of the risk of stereotyping, which has served as a tool to block women from management, it is difficult to characterize a feminine management style."

"Women have been cited for their emotionality, instability, and lack of team spirit, among other qualities."

"Many women have defended themselves at work by adopting the qualities of men."

All examples were taken from the sixth edition of the Little, Brown Handbook , pages 539-541.