Wilkes University

Personal Growth

For the vast majority of our students, this is the first experience away from family.

Our residential staff, is prepared to introduce you to independent living within a well structured environment. You will be housed in a traditional residence hall used exclusively for our students.

This residential experience can go a long way toward helping you to become a more confident student and young person. In the past five years, over 94% of our students found that the summer program made them feel more positive about themselves. 

 Much of the personal growth you will experience...

as a member of UPWARD BOUND takes place outside of the classroom. You will spend two afternoons a week participating in a career education activity and two afternoons in a special interest activity. Career education combines personal guidance with a volunteer placement in a local office or agency. Our "special interest" activities will expose you to an area that you may not have had the opportunity to explore, such as art, photography, or drama.

There is good reason why 83% of our members found improvement...

in their ability to make decisions; for not only will you have to accept additional responsibility for yourself, but you will also contribute to the welfare of the group.