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Supplemental Instruction Faculty

If you are interested in developing an SI session for one of your courses, please contact Blake Mackesy.

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is organized...
study sessions facilitated by a professional or a capable undergraduate who has already successfully completed the course. It is a collaborative learning experience in which students compare notes, discuss readings, share study strategies, and practice test items.

SI peer leaders often attend classes, take notes, read assigned material, and conduct one or more study sessions a week. If the SI session is led by a professional, the leader works closely with course instructors to coordinate the sessions.

SI at Wilkes has traditionally been led by professionals...
and conducted for target courses in biology, chemistry and mathematics. Studies indicate that SI is most effective when applied to courses with higher-than-average numbers of students withdrawing, failing, or meeting only the minimum standard for receiving credit. However, the number of courses with SI sessions has increased the past two years, and select undergraduates have gained valuable experience serving as SI leaders.

Supplemental Instruction has a long history of success at Wilkes and nationally, even being named an Exemplary Educational Program by the U.S. Department of Education. This designation was the result of their findings that students who participate in SI for high-risk courses earn higher mean course grades, withdraw at a lower rate, and persist at the institution at higher rates than those who do not participate.

Learn about the effectiveness of SI...
from the University of Missouri, Kansas City.