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Academic Success Workshop

Final Exams Study Sessions & Workshops

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Final Exams Study Sessions
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The following sessions present strategies for you to consider as you plan for a successful semester. They are brief (50 minutes), but packed with information, so invest your time wisely and attend one or more.

Task Management
It should be of little surprise that a major roadblock to the success of college students is the difficulty they experience organizing their time. There are ways to create a plan that makes the most of your abilities -- and decreases the stress you experience during exam time.

Note Taking
An effective note-taking system is actually the first step in preparing for an exam. Why wait until the week of an exam before you study when you can prepare throughout the term with some minor adjustments to your note taking?

Test Taking
Students who "got through" high school -- and even top students -- can have a difficult time adjusting to the rigors of college-level exams. Showing what you know is important to your academic goals, and this session will present some of what we have learned from successful students.

Some useful study hints are available from the Dartmouth University Academic Skills Center.