“Throughout these last three and a half years, we have all became great friends and learned about ourselves. Looking back on these experiences has helped me grow not only as a student but also as a person.” – Paul Trovato

“The thing I enjoyed most about PPD was the teams. Over the four years I have built very good, strong relationships with all the members of my group. The team building that PPD has integrated into my leadership qualities is very helpful, especially when you go for an interview. PPD has given me that team experience.” – Richard Read

“PPD has not just made us work with team, it has made us build lasting relationships with our fellow classmates” – Angela DellaFortuna

“I felt the PPD program was an essential part of the curriculum and necessary to build leadership qualities for the future.” – Josh George

“I enjoyed the interactivity the class had with the human checkers, the water mover, and some of the other group stuff that we did.” – Joe Scala

“PPD helped me understand how to work in a team. It prepared me for the real world.” – Samantha Orlando

“I feel that the Personal & Professional Development program has brought me extremely close to certain people here at Wilkes. I also feel that without this program, I would have a low amount of collaboration skills.” – Alicia Valentin

“PPD taught me many things I didn’t know I would learn in college. It taught me how to build and sustain work relationships and friends taught me how to handle various situations that may arise when working with various groups of people.” – Sandra Nasilowski

“PPD was valuable in allowing me to practice and hone my leadership and interpersonal skills.” – Karl Kemmerer

“I felt the PPD program has helped me develop many skills that aren’t the concentration of the BA classes already offered. I learned the importance of being a team player as well as stepping up when needed. I gained the ability to do well in group work and developed great relationships with teammates & classmates. Other than providing a solid foundation for the future, PPD established a family-like feel for our class.” – Larry Pellegrini