Wilkes University


Dr. Matthew J. Sowcik
Director of Leadership and Development
4th year Instructor of Personal and Professional Development
Professor of entrepreneurship and leadership courses

Matthew Sowcik is the Director of Leadership Education in the Jay S. Sidhu School of Business and Leadership at Wilkes University. His primary focus includes the Personal and Professional Development program, leadership curriculum design, teaching, and conducting research on leadership development. Matthew also works in a consultant role providing one-on-one coaching, and leadership, emotional intelligence, and team building training, through dynamic experiential practices.

Matthew earned a bachelor’s degree from Wilkes University, a master’s degree from Columbia University, and a Doctorate in Leadership Studies from Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington.

Mrs. Dina Udomsak
Assistant Director & Instructor, Sidhu School Initiatives
1st year Instructor Personal and Professional Development program

Adjunct instructor ABBA program (Business Communications, Human Resources Management)

Prior to Wilkes, Dina was a Technical Communications Consultant with Infotech Consulting, Inc. and was contracted by the Pennsylvania Department of Labour and Industry as a Technical Trainer and Instructional Designer. Previously, she held the position of Pre-Collegiate Program Coordinator at Marywood University where she led the recruitment efforts for the gifted student programs, managed the staff of the GED Community and GED Prison programs, and secured state grant funding for the Pre-Collegiate area. Dina’s background in the media and communications field includes prior work as a public relations professional, grant-writer, event coordinator, graphic design artist and desktop publisher. In the television industry, she gained experience both behind the scenes and in front of the camera contributing her skills to regional ABC and PBS affiliates while continuing to perform professionally in local and regional theatre.

Dina earned a bachelor’s degree in Media Commnication and Technology from East Stroudsburg University, a master's degree in Communication Arts and Media Management from Marywood University and studied theatre abroad at the University of Oxford. She holds membership in the Society for Human Resources Management where she is served as President-Elect and the Certification Chairperson. A training and talent development professional with a passion for promoting education, she created the Women in Leadership mentoring program (BLOOM) and previously directed the Sidhu School alumni mentoring program. Dina was recently awarded the Wilkes University TREC Academic award and was a past Interdisciplinary Teaching Award nominee. She continues to promote a holistic approach within the Personal and Professional Development program; and feels the key to PPD is the evolution of the student, and the program, while keeping abreast of current trends in technology. A doctoral student in educational leadership program, her research insterests include: Encouraging a growth mindset utilizing appreciate inquiry and emotional intelligence in ogranizational leadership and development: A phenomenological exploration of best practices in motivation, training, and talent management from a primary, secondary, and tertiary perspective in academia. 

Mrs. Bridget Turel
Assistant Director & Instructor, Leadership Development 
3rd year Instructor of Personal and Professional Development
Adjunct Instructor FYF program (Personal Finance)

Bridget Turel began her college career at Wilkes University pursuing her undergraduate degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing from Fall 2001 through May 2005. Upon receiving her undergraduate degree from Wilkes, she was offered a new position from Wilkes. The name of that position was Personal and Professional Development Undergraduate Assistant. She accepted and began the job in Fall 2005. Simultaneously, Turel started her Masters in Business Administration at Wilkes University while learning the Personal and Professional Development curriculum. 

Bridget sees the future of the program growing more, incorporating more of the university and allowing the program to become selective. She also would like to see the program reach out to not only business majors, but all majors offered by Wilkes University. This would allow everyone in the Wilkes community to fully grasp what is available to them after college and how they can prepare themselves to achieve their goals in getting to this point.