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Entrepreneurship, Leadership & Marketing (ELM) Department

Entrepreneurship, Leadership & Marketing (ELM) Department

The mission of the Department of Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Marketing, Sports Management, & Hospitality Leadership (ELMSH) is to produce graduates who are leaders in our community.

The ELMSH Department currently offers students four majors (Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Sports Management, and Hospitality Leadership), five minors (Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Sports Management, Hospitality Leadership, and Leadership) and offers courses in the Integrated Media and Communication Studies Major and the MBA.


Students in the Entrepreneurship major of the Jay Sidhu School of Business and Leadership will experience the creation and recognition of opportunities, develop those opportunities, act on opportunities, create value, and give back to society.

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Marketing is more than just a fancy logo and flashy commercial. It’s a process—an ever-changing landscape that requires skill, business savvy and creativity to navigate.

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A degree in Sports Management from Wilkes University is uniquely designed for students interested in business careers involving sporting events, concerts, event planning and theatrical productions.

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The Jay S. Sidhu School of Business and Leadership undergraduate business program is centered on self-development through three interconnected components: leadership development, a balanced set of foundation courses, and preparation for entry into specific careers and jobs.  The Sidhu School combines a strong core business education with the development of skills for authentic leadership and ethical business practices. All SIdhu School students will work to sharpen their critical thinking and economic reasoning skills; for the Hospitality Leadership* major, specifically, a student should be relatively outgoing with great communication skills, ‘People Process Culture’ understanding and work to excel at solving problems quickly and keeping track of details.

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