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Ned Fetcher




Ned Fetcher

Project Coordinator
Ph. D. 1977. Colorado State University

Research Interests
My research includes work on cold desert shrubs, ecology and demography of plants in Arctic tundra, and physiological ecology of tropical plants. Presently I am investigating shade tolerance in seedlings of temperate forests. One experiment is designed to test the hypothesis that carbon gain is very similar for all species that grow in the understory of temperate forests. This is a null hypothesis that will help to resolve whether we can detect differences in carbon gain of differing functional groups. If two groups as disparate as understory and canopy species are not significantly different in seasonal carbon gain, then it is unlikely that we will be able to detect differences between canopy species differing in shade tolerance.

Lehigh Gap Food Web

Honors and Awards
Bullard Fellowship - Harvard University (1991-1992)
University of Puerto Rico EPSCoR Productivity Award (1996