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Jeffrey Stratford

Jeffery Stratford

Office: Cohen Science Center, Room 210
Phone: 570-408-4761
Fax: 570-408-7862
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Jeffrey A. Stratford

Associate Professor of Biology
Ph. D. 2005 Auburn University

Research interests:

The primary goal of my research program is to understand how landscape changes affect animal populations and communities. I am particularly interested in the effects of urbanization on birds across spatial and biological scales. Research includes investigating broad-scale changes in community structure across several counties as well as the effects of land use on chick health. I have been using Eastern Bluebirds as a focal species to examine how land use may affect the growth rates and reproductive success of birds. I also will be including mine restoration sites into my research program. The goal of this research will be to relate properties of mine restoration sites to bird communities. Another goal of my research is expand my research into other taxonomic groups such as reptiles and amphibians. All of my research has a robust quantitative and spatial approach.

Honors and awards:

  • Harry Merriwether Fellowship – Auburn University Graduate School
  • College of Science and Mathematics Outstanding Graduate
  • Research Award 2002
  • F.S. Arant Memorial Award for outstanding zoology/biology student 2001