Wilkes University

James Case CV


Curriculum Vitae--James Michael Case

Faculty Rank:
Professor, EEES, (Adjunct Biology), Full-time, Wilkes University (1978-present)
Degrees: Ph.D., Biology, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, ’80; BS Zoology, Duke, ‘70

Water quality and aquatic ecology; trace metal biogeochemistry; analytical spectroscopy

Honors and Awards:
PA 319 Watershed Grant, with Harvey’s Lake EAC and Princeton Hydro, Inc., 2000
Wilkes Technology Transfer Program Grant, 1998
Alton Jones Foundation, co-investigator with ECOLOGIA, 1994-96
Mott Foundation Grant, co-investigator with ECOLOGIA, 1992-94
Budapest Center Grant, co-investigator with ECOLOGIA, 1991-93
Wilkes University Meritorious Performance, 1987 and 1988
Wilkes University Faculty Promotion, 1986; Tenure, 1985
Pennsylvania DER Grant for Waterborne Pathogen Testing Laboratory, 1985
NSF Research Grant, 1981
Sabbatical Research Leave, 2004

Previous Work Experience:
Sabbatical Leave, Spring 1991 (Old Woman Creek National Estuarine Sanctuary, Huron, Ohio)
Research Assistant, Dalhousie University, 1972-78
Diving and Salvage/Communications Officer, U.S.N., 1970-72

Upper Division Main Course Offerings (1978-2007):

ENV 330 Advanced Water Quality (11 times)
ENV 394 Field Studies (7)
EES 391 and EES 392 Senior Projects (11)
EES 341 and Bio 341 Freshwater Ecosystems (8)
ENV 305 Solid Waste Management (5)
ENV 321 Hydrology (3)
ENV 332 Advanced Air Quality (3)
EES 230 Ocean Science (28)
EES 343 and Bio 343 Marine Ecology (8)
MS 211 Marine Field Methods (3)
EES 244 and Chm 244 Instrumental Analysis (8)
EES 210 Global Climate Change (4)
EES 202 Biogeochemistry (6)
EES 242 Environmental Health (3)

Professional Duties:
Dismissal and Suspensions Committee, 2007
Admissions & Financial Aid Committee, 2002-2004
Harvey’s Lake Environmental Advisory Council, Scientific Advisor, 1998-present
Marine Science Consortium, Academic Board of Directors, 1993-present
Virtual Foundation Executive Committee Review Board, 1997-2001
ECOLOGIA, Scientific Director and Board Member, 1990-2001
Tenure and Promotion Committee, 1996-99; chair 1997-99
Core Review Honors Committee, Chair, 1992-96
Freshman Advisor, 1984-87; 1990-1992; 1999; 2003
Faculty Development Committee, 1986-1989; chairman 1989
Acting Chairman, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, 1982-1983
Director of the Inorganic Water Quality and Pathogen Testing Laboratory, 1978-88

Scientific and Professional Societies:
American Association for the Advancement of Science
American Society of Limnology and Oceanography
Ecological Society of America
Pennsylvania Academy of Sciences

Professional Consulting
•An Oceanography Exam for the Northeast Regional Science Olympiad, March, 2007
•Assessment of the Freshwater Mussels of Lake Silkworth, PA, Dave Bonomo, Mark Fera,
Terry Jacobs and J.M. Case, EEES Department, 2004, Presented to Lake Silkworth
Environmental Council.
•Chemical and Biological Analysis of Harvey’s Lake, J.M. Case, Jennifer Dittmar, and
Stacy Rizzo, EES/BIO 341 Limnology, Fall 2002, Presented to Harvey’s Lake Environmental Advisory Council
•Chemical Analysis of Harvey’s Lake and Surrounding Groundwater, J.M. Case, Jennifer
Fela and C. William Smith, EES Department, 2001, presented to Harvey’s Lake Environmental Advisory Council
•A Study of the Storm Flow and Erosion in Harvey’s Lake PA Watershed Using GIS, J. M.
Case, Matthew Kuntz, Christian Watkins, and Cory Neiss, 2000, Presented to Harvey’s Lake Environmental Advisory Council
•A Scientific Data Base for Harvey’s Lake, J.M. Case and Chris Watkins, EES Department,
Presented to Harvey’s Lake Environmental Advisory Council, 1999
•Analysis of Sediments and Benthic Invertebrates of Harvey’s Lake, J.M. Case and Biology
392 Senior Projects, 1999, presented to Harvey’s Lake Environmental Advisory
•Stream and Watershed Restoration, Harvey’s Lake, PA, with Princeton Hydro, 1999
•Environmental Monitoring in Russia, ECOLOGIA and Dr. Oleg Cherp, 1993
•Pennsylvania Power and Light Company, groundwater metals project, 1986-89
•Bethlehem Steel Corporation, Giardia Cyst Removal Water Filtration Project, 1986
•U.S. Department of Interior, Bureau of Mines, Minewater Geochemistry Study, 1980

Presentations (1990-present):
• Plankton and Chemical Analysis of Lake Silkworth, PA, Sheena Merwine, Justin Mroczka,
And J.M. Case, April 2007, First Annual Wilkes University Undergraduate Research
• Expert testimony before DEP officials regarding the proposed dredging of wetland areas at Marina Pointe, Harvey’s Lake, PA, 2006
• Biogeochemistry of Nuangola Bog: Evidence for Paleoclimatic Change, Pennsylvania
Academy of Sciences Meeting, April, ‘99
• How Science Informs Public Policy-making in the Former Soviet Union, Millersville U., ‘97
• Water Monitoring Workshop Coordinator (FSU), ECOLOGIA 1991-‘97
• Suitability of Bowman’s Creek as Trout Habitat, Trout Unlimited, 1997
• Ecological Impact of an Inflatable Dam on the Susquehanna River in Wilkes-Barre, PA,” Wilkes-Barre Riverfront Parks Association, 1995
• Water Pollution Education and Networking in Eastern Europe, National Honor Society, 1992-93.

Programs to Improve Professional Competence
• Ecological Society of America meeting, June 2005, Portland, Oregon
• NEPA Round Table on Environmental Toxins, 2004
• Spatial Analyst Methods, Wilkes GIS Center, May 2003
• Advanced Arc View and Spatial Analysis Methods, Wilkes Center for Geographic Information
Sciences, May-June, 2001
• Changing Development Rules in Watersheds, Center for Watershed Protection, November 2000
• Advances in ICP Spectroscopy, Perkin-Elmer, Philadelphia PA , October 1999
• Introductory GIS Analyses using ARCVIEW and ARCINFO, Spring 1999
• Ecological Society of America Annual Conference, Madison, WI; July 1993
• Green Politics in the FSU: The Challenge of Electoral Success, Team Coordinator, Oct. 1991
• Environmental Health Conference, Philadelphia County Medical Society, Sept. 1991
• Field Botany & Wetland Delineation, 6 week course, Wilkes U., June 1990
• Conference on Municipal Waste Management in Pennsylvania, Phil. Acad. of Sci., 1990
• New England Environmental Conference, Tufts University, 1989
• AAAS Conference, Boston, 1988
• Technological, Economic, and Political Strategies on Acid Rain, Shippensburg Univ., 1988
• Advanced Gas Chromatography, Perkin-Elmer Training Course, Norwalk, CT, 1987 AWWA Water Quality Technology Conference, Baltimore, 1987