Wilkes University


Wilkes has several facilities dedicated to environmental science. The Center for Environmental Quality is a certified water quality laboratory that carries out hydrogeological investigations related to water supply development, contaminant migration, wetland mitigation, and land-based wastewater disposal.  The Center for Geographic Information Sciences uses state-of-the-art technology to investigate environmental planning, assess watersheds, and analyze the spatial distribution of soils, wetlands, vegetation, land cover, and environmental pollution. The Herbarium contains 2,200 specimens mainly from northeastern Pennsylvania.

Center for Environmental Quality - Stark Learning Center - 4th Floor

Center for Geographic Information Sciences - Stark Learning Center 143-146 - Contact Dale Bruns 570-408-4603

Herbarium - Stark Learning Center 355 - contact Ken Klemow 570-408-4758


Genomic Research Center - Stark Learning Center 377A

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