Wilkes University

Applied & Engineering Sciences

Close-up of a computer chip in a Wilkes University engineering classroom.

From medicine, to theater design, to broadcast communications, nearly every industry needs people who design the systems, products, processesapplied engineering sciences and technologies that keep business—and the world—humming along.

The applied engineering program (and our numerous state-of-the-art laboratories) at Wilkes University fully prepares you to make a meaningful impact in the product design, research and development and manufacturing industries. 

About the Program

The four-year Bachelor of Science degree program in Applied and Engineering Science (A&ES) blends a core of engineering preparation with flexibility for students to focus on areas of specific interest. It is ideal for students with specific engineering interests outside the configuration of traditional engineering programs. Successful examples include medicine, performing arts engineering (sound, lighting, staging, recording), computer science, safety and reliability, information technology, and patent law. To this end, faculty and facilities center on the individual, incorporating the adoption of new technological developments with an emphasis on analysis, design, and application, on student-faculty-industry cooperative projects, on the concept of teamwork, and on the hands-on student utilization of modern laboratories and computer systems. Wilkes University does not maintain professional accreditation for the A&ES program.

The A&ES program demands careful planning by the student with his or her faculty advisor to assure a clear and well-planned program configured realistically to the students’ interests and needs.

Our engineering faculty is comprised of active teachers who work closely with students in classrooms and laboratories; labs are not taught by graduate student teaching assistants. As an Applied & Engineering Science student, you will graduate with confidence in your ability to understand and solve problems because we will help you develop a mental discipline for critical thinking.

Wilkes Applied & Engineering Sciences graduates have been successfully placed in numerous regional, national, and multi-national industries. When you go out into the world, you will look for the next problem to solve. Wilkes graduates who do that well are highly valued by their employers.