Wilkes University

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering student works on perfecting a lab assignment in a Wilkes University classroom.

Hands-on Experience

Wilkes University’s engineering programs combine small class sizes with advanced research and unparalleled hands-on learning opportunities.

Students in our ABET-accredited program work one-on-one with expert faculty in cutting-edge fields such as fluid mechanics, thermal sciences, mechanical design, microfluidics, robotics and nanotechnology.

Our engineering faculty are active teachers who work closely with students in classrooms and laboratories; labs are not taught by graduate student teaching assistants. As part of Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Management, you will graduate with confidence in your ability to understand and solve problems because we will help you develop a mental discipline for critical thinking.


Our mission is to enable the professional development of students' abilities for analysis, design, and innovation. Our department emphasizes engineering as a creative, hands-on profession. Teamwork, ethics, and communication permeate the educational experience to enhance the graduate's technical problem solving ability. Wilkes Engineering graduates will possess the vision, confidence, and will to pursue and assume increasing responsibilities in engineering and leadership within a global context.


Our vision is to be recognized as one of the finest engineering programs in Pennsylvania.


We foster the values of Wilkes University: mentorship, scholarship, diversity, innovation, and community. Our unique contribution as an engineering department is that we advance the university values in practical ways, specifically:

  • Preparedness:  Prepare students to enter the workforce as engineers with skills and knowledge relevant to economic, environmental, social, and global needs.
  • Mentorship:  Create a nurturing environment to help students reach their full potential in academics, innovation, and career aspirations.
  • Integrity:  Teach students to make ethical professional choices, and live this value ourselves in our interactions with students and with each other.
  • Collaboration:  Partner with industry in order to improve our programs, find and fund research projects, and provide opportunities for students.
  • Hands-on Experience:  Encourage students to design, create, and experiment to reinforce their classroom learning.

2015 TecBridge Business Plan Competition 2015 Wild Card Winner, Kraken Boardsports, features Wilkes students Mike Grobinski (Mechanical Engineering), Dan Lykens (Electrical Engineering/Mechanical Engineering), Alex Planer (Mechanical Engineering), and Brandon Carey (Business).