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Computer Information Systems

A Wilkes University student majoring in Computer Information Systems (CIS) works on an upcoming assignment in a computer lab.

Website development. Systems analysis. App programming.

We live in the tech age, and the demand for computer information systems experts has never been higher. Many of our CIS graduates pursue careers as computer programmers and in the health care, education, telecommunications and software publishing industries.

CIS is the application of computer systems and computing tools to solve business problems and provide information — the lifeblood of all organizations. The computer-based information system is a critical part of the products, services and management of organizations. It is pervasive in all organization functions and is used by accounting, finance, marketing and production. 

Efficient and effective use of information technology is important to achieve competitive advantage. Information systems have a broad responsibility to develop, implement, and manage an infrastructure of information technology. Developing systems for organizations and inter-organization processes involves creative use of information technology for data acquisition, communication, system analysis and decision support.

Hands-on, experiential learning takes place in our computer laboratories, which house 25 workstations equipped with Quadcore i7 processors and Linux/OS/X. Our open source lab provides students with eight computers, all with dual monitors and Quadcore processors.

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 “The Writhe of a Polygon on the Hexagonal Close-packing Structure"

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