Sid P. Halsor

Degrees in Geology
PhD 1989 Michigan Technological University, Houghton, Michigan
Title: A comparative petrologic study of andesite at three stratovolcanoes, Lake Atitlán, Guatemala: insight into closely-spaced subvolcanic plumbing systems
MS 1983 Michigan Technological University, Houghton, Michigan
Title: A volcanic dome complex and genetically associated hydrothermal system, DeLamar Silver Mine, Owyhee County, Idaho
BS 1978 Honors, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR

Professor of Geology , Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences Department, Wilkes University;
Hired: September, 1987; Awarded Tenure: April, 1993; Promotion to Associate Professor: April, 1994; Promotion to Full Professor: June, 2002; Excellence in Teaching Award: 1989,1991,1997

Courses Regularly Taught:
Physical Geology (offered as Writing Intensive)
Field Methods in Applied Geoscience
Survey of Geology
Environmental Mapping I: GPS

Special Topics Courses:
Geologic Hazards
Mineral Microscopy
Field Trip to the Grand Canyon
Geology of the Pennsylvania Appalachian Trail
Core Studies 101-The College Experience
Core Studies 202-Global Change
Advisor to Senior Research
Faculty Development
Admissions and Financial Aid

Non-Teaching Responsibilities:
Coordinator of Geology Minor program
Director of Mineralogy/Petrology Laboratory

University Committee Service:
Instructional Technology 
Faculty Affairs Council
Student Life and Athletics

Registered Professional Geologist with the State of Pennsylvania, 1995 to present

Research Interests
Geochemistry and petrology of calc-alkaline volcanic rocks
Volcanic sector collapse and debris avalanche deposits
Global positioning systems and ground deformation monitoring at active volcano/tectonic settings:
Yellowstone National Park
Annual summer GPS survey of Yellowstone caldera beginning 1999
Survey utilizes NGS control and assistance from students in Field Camp, Eastern Illinois University
Kilauea and Mauna Loa volcanoes
Sabbatical leave award, Fall semester, 1994
Visiting scientist at the U.S. Geological Survey’s Hawaiian Volcano Observatory, Hawaii

Grant Awards
Pennsylvania Department of Education
“Advancing informatics in undergraduate biology and geoscience curriculua”, Link to Learn Information
Technology Initiative, Co-P.I., $281,000, awarded March 29, 2001
National Science Foundation
“Improving undergraduate instruction through the acquisition of a video-integrated, polarizing microscope system”, awarded July, 1989
Faculty Development, Wilkes University
“An assessment of the relation between geochemical evolution and a failure-driven avalanche, Meseta Volcano, Central America”, awarded April, 1998
“Geologic field trip to the coastal magmatic province of Maine”, awarded November, 1993
“Computer-assisted image analysis and the fission-track method for age-dating rocks”, awarded March,1991
“Geological observations and rock sampling at active volcanoes in Guatemala and Costa Rica”,
awarded March, 1989

Conference and University Presentations
Geological Society of America, annual and section meetings:
"Advanced GPS Instrumentation in an Undergraduate Course in Geospatial Technology" co-authored with Bill Toothill, annual meeting, Philadelphia, 2006
"Fracture Analysis of the Elk Mountain Sandstone of the Catskill Formation, South Abington and Scott Townships, Pennsylvania" co-authored with Joel Antolik, annual meeting, Philadelphia, 2006
"Because Classes Are Cancelled Due to the Snow Storm, Does that Mean We Still Have To Take Our Online Test?", Cordilleran Section, Puerto Vallarta, 2003
"Yellowstone Caldera YNP: The Ups and Downs of a Ground Deformation Survey" with Toothill, Chesner, and Jorstad; 2001, Boston
“A Multi-Media Field Laboratory and the Development of an Undergraduate Methods Training Course in Subsurface Hydrogeology”, 1998, Toronto
“Monitoring Ground Deformation Associated with an Advancing Lava Delta, Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii”,
1995, New Orleans, Louisiana
“Geochemistry of Sequential Lavas from the Fuego Volcanic Complex, Guatemala”, 1992,Cinci.,Ohio
“Thin Section Petrography and Microcomputer-Assisted Image Analysis”, 1992, Harrisburg, Penn
“Enhanced Student Learning through Writing in a Physical Geology Class”, 1990, Dallas, Texas
“A Volcanic Dome Complex and Genetically Associated Hydrothermal System, DeLamar Silver-Mine, Owyhee County, Idaho”,1984, Reno, Nevada
“An Introduction to Fluid Inclusions: A Color Videotape Teaching Aid for Economic Geology Classes”,
1983, Indianapolis, Indiana
University Presentations by Invitation
"Annual GPS Ground Deformation Survey" Yellowstone National Park, annual presentation for Eastern Illinois University geology field camp
“An Interdisciplinary Approach to Understanding Volcanoes”, University of Michigan, Department of Natural Sciences, 1993, Dearborn, Michigan
“Contrasting Trends in Convergent Plate Andesites, Lake Atitlán, Guatemala”, Middle Tennessee State University, Department of Geography and Geology, 1992, Murfreesboro, Tennessee
“The Origin of mixed andesitic lavas at Tolimán volcano, Guatemala”, Rutgers University, Department of Geological Sciences, 1989, New Brunswick, N.J.
Hawaii Symposium on How Volcanoes Work
“Common Characteristics of Active Paired Volcanoes in Northern Central America”, 1987, Hilo, Hawaii
American Geophysical Union annual meetings: “Strato-Geochemical Relationship at Lake Atitlán, Guatemala- Contrasting Multiple Magmatic Processes Beneath Three Adjacent Andestic Volcanoes.”, 1985, San Francisco, California.
“Shallow coastal evolution of basaltic and andesitic magmas at Atitlán and Tolimán volcanoes, Guatemala”, 1983, San Francisco, California

Gold and silver exploration geologist, Energy Reserves Group, Inc., Spokane, Washington
Molybdenum exploration geologist, U.S. Borax, Quartz Hill, Alaska
Base metals exploration geologist, Anaconda Company, Denver, Colorado
Oil and gas exploration geologist, Lewis & Clark Exploration Company, Denver, Colorado

Equipment Experience
Global positioning system, x-ray fluorescence, electron microprobe, mass spectrometer, video-integrated petrographic microscope system, spectroscope, rock and mineral preparation equipment

Remote Sensing for Field Geologists, 2003
GIS Training, Wilkes University, June, 2001
Teaching mineralogy, National Science Foundation, Smith College, June, 1996
Global positioning system, Planned Dynamics, Wilkes University, July, 1994
Geographic information systems, Annual GSA Meeting Workshop, Cincinatti, OH, Oct 23-25, 1992.
The isothermal-plateau fission-track method for age dating silicic tephra, University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, June 10-15, 1991.
Computer-assisted image analysis and measurement, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, North Carolina, May 14-16, 1990.
Trace element geochemistry with particle and photon beams, Brookhaven National Laboratory, Upton,
New York, June 24-28, 1985.
Volcanology and tectonics of north-central New Mexico, conducted by Dr. W.I. Rose, Michigan Technological University, Nov 19-29, 1985.
Visiting researcher, Miami University, Miami, Ohio. Strontium isotopic analyses of Guatemalan volcanic rocks, Jan-Feb, 1985
Volcanic rocks and their vent areas, co-sponsored by Mackay School of Mines and University of Nevada, Reno, Nevada, May 18-23, 1981.

Professional Society Memberships
Geological Society of America (Campus representative for Wilkes University)
American Geophysical Union

Videotape Productions
Halsor, S.P. and Chesner, C.A., 1987, “Eruptions of a New Shield Volcano: Behavior of Pahoehoe Flows”
(48 min.), Division of Education and Public Services, Michigan Technological University, Houghton, MI.

Halsor, S.P. and Chesner, C.A., 1983, “An Introduction to Fluid Inclusions” (40 min.), Division of Education and Public Services, Michigan Technological University, Houghton, MI.

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