Dale Bruns 

Dale A. Bruns

College of Science and Engineering
Ph. D. 1981 Idaho State University

Research interests:
My research interests are focused on river ecology, ecosystem monitoring, and watershed management. Research hypotheses encompass environmental gradients within watersheds from headwater mountain streams to large rivers and address patterns of macroinvertebrate species diversity, habitat conditions, and water quality. Geospatial tools of geographic information systems, the global positioning system, and satellite imagery provide data at spatial scales within and across watersheds and landscapes. Study sites have included biosphere reserves in China (Cloud forest watershed) and Chile (Patagonian montane-river habitat), and the Upper Susquehanna-Lackawanna American Heritage River (US-L AHR).

Biosphere reserves have provided a context for developing a multi-media and geospatial ecosystem approach to monitoring of baseline environmental conditions relative to global change. The US-L AHR is impacted by suburban sprawl (mountain tributary watersheds), combined sewer overflows, abandoned mining lands, and acid mine drainage – all of which are being evaluated with GIS watershed assessment indicators and modeling tools. Future studies may expand to include upper and lower US-L basin sites as affected by climate change as well as hydrologic factors that modify ecological functioning and biodiversity. Riverscape analyses along riparian zones and real-time monitoring of river water quality conditions through a longitudinal transect are two other emerging areas of research potential in the AHR and upstream rural river segments.

Honors and awards:
Recipient of five EG&G Idaho, Inc. Productivity Awards.1990.
Recipient of Outstanding Performance Award for 1989, Science and Technology Department, EG&G Idaho, Inc.
1993. Recipient of Outstanding Performance Award for 1992, Wilkes University.
2000 VP Gore’s Re-Inventing Government “Hammer Award.”