Andrew Miller

Assistant Professor of Political Science
Ph, D. 2004 Purdue University.

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Office: Breiseth Hall 318
Phone: 570-408-4476
Fax: 570-408-7871

Research interests:
My research interests center on economic development and sustainability in Central America. I am particularly interested in the role of ecotourism as a development strategy and the way in which ecotourism and other development strategies intersect.

PS 141 Intro to International Politics
PS 151 Governments of the World
PS 242 International Law and Organization
PS 251 European Politics
PS 350 Comparative Politics
PS 298 The Political Economy of Coffee
PS 298 Politics of the Developing World
PS 350 Development Theory and Democratization.
PS 398 Ecotourism and Sustainable Development
PS 398 International Political Economy.