Wilkes University

Program Information


The chemistry curriculum is designed to provide a comprehensive background in the fundamentals of the science and to contribute to the general education of the student. Graduates with a B.S. degree may find industrial or government employment or continue advanced studies in a graduate or professional school.

The Biochemistry Curriculum is designed to provide  comprehensive background education and training for students interested in this interdisciplinary area. Holders of the B.S. degree in biochemistry typically seek employment directly in the field or pursue advanced degrees in graduate school.

The biochemistry degree prepares students for entrance into health science professional schools (eg: medicine, osteopathic medicine, podiatry, dentistry, optometry, etc). Two specific features of the program are that students (1) may pursue the first three years of the Biochemistry degree curriculum in the three-year option, under one of the Wilkes University combined seven-year medical and baccalaureate degree programs, or (2) use the seventh or eighth semesters in cooperative research programs.  The latter option is particularly useful for those students selected to The Premedical Scholars Program.

The B.A. Program in chemistry includes specific concentrations which allow students to have a solid fundamental background in chemistry with a concentration in another discipline, such as business, math, computer science, sustainability, forensic science, or environmental science. The ultimate goal is to create a curriculum that is easily adapted to the ever changing challenges of multidisciplinary academic endeavors.

In all programs, students will choose electives for the various career options after consultation with department advisers Required courses are indicated in the suggested curricular outlines, which are based on extensive prerequisite structure. The order of the courses presented in this sequential arrangements is a suggested one, and changes in the order may be made after faculty advisement.

Wilkes is approved by the American Chemical Society for the professional training of chemists. Students who complete the B.S. program in either chemistry or biochemistry receive an ACS-accredited degree, and are certified for membership eligibility in the Society at graduation. The B.A. can be an accredited degree, depending on the student's choice of chemistry electives.