Wilkes University

Academic Honesty

Wilkes Teacher Education Program
Code of Professionalism & Academic Honesty 

As a student at Wilkes University, I understand that the Teacher Education Program is committed to the development of high quality teachers by maintaining high standards for pre-service teachers in their preparation, practice, and certification. Ethical conduct is expected of pre-service teachers throughout their professional training within classes and in all professional and academic endeavors.

  • I understand and agree to uphold this level of commitment by maintaining professionalism and honesty in my conduct and demeanor throughout all facets of the Teacher Education Program.
  • I understand that professionalism relates to ethical actions, collegiality, and dedication to the profession, as evidenced by my behaviors in class and in the field. Professionalism encompasses attendance and punctuality in classes, fieldwork, and student teaching, as well as the use and modeling of effective and respectful communication skills.

  • I understand that professional conduct also includes the use of sound judgment and intellectual responsibility necessary in preserving academic honesty. The practice of academic honesty includes completing my own work, not duplicating assignments, projects, or presentations across courses, citing all resources used, and refraining from plagiarizing by submitting the work or ideas of others as my own, including Internet sources.
  • I understand that the dedication, judgment, and responsibility I demonstrate serve as determining factors in my admittance and continuation within the Teacher Education Program. Ethical actions and professionalism are critical attributes in determining my eligibility for certification from the Pennsylvania Department of Education. Violations of this code will be addressed by the Chair of the Education Department, in consultation with appropriate faculty, and may result in consequences that include possible dismissal from the Teacher Education Program and the subsequent loss of opportunity to become a certified teacher.
  • I read and understand my responsibilities in this code, and my signature indicates my agreement to follow the policies, standards, and procedures outlined by the Pennsylvania Department of Education and Wilkes University Teacher Education Program.