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Meet the Dean from the School of Education

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As the dean, it is with pride that I welcome you to the School of Education. We are honoring the past as we intentionally move together into the future, unified in quality, to address educational needs.

Over the past three years, we in the school have individually and collectively been extremely active in re-imagining what we believe, how we think and who we need to engage in order to best accomplish our why. The why is the School of Education mission statement: 

Through our commitment to academic excellence, personalized mentoring, integrity and scholarship, we educate our students to be lifelong learners and leaders in various aspects of the global educational community.

Each program within the School of Education has one common outcome: empowering educational leaders. We need leaders because each person within the field of education must step into his or her own power to serve as a model and put people and ideas into places of most potentiality for equal opportunity and development.

We have three departments to serve any educational need: undergraduate, master’s degree level and doctoral level.

We partner with the country of Panama in a united effort to reach a common mission. 

To facilitate the most positive impact on each child, we partner with schools for teams of teachers to obtain the knowledge, skills and collaboration needed for active, fun and meaningful learning.

Building Bridges
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The School of Education at Wilkes University serves as a beacon of hope by modeling the power of relationships through collaboration, creativity, critical thinking and communication. We are distinct. We are Colonel: entrepreneurial, passionate and hard-working.

Faculty Will Take You to the Head of the Class 

Wilkes University's Education faculty members take great care to prepare you for a successful career in teaching through dynamic, comprehensive programs. Prospective teachers learn and apply the most relevant and current educational research to their work in the classroom. The core curriculum for Education majors presents a knowledge base that will prepare them to become effective teachers. 


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Dr. Rhonda M. Rabbitt*
Dean, School of Education

*Rhonda M. Rabbitt is Dean for the School of Education with experience teaching graduate, undergraduate, and PK-12 students. Currently she leads programs at the undergraduate, graduate and doctoral level, which include early childhood/ elementary education, middle level, and secondary education, special education, reading, STEM, and administrative certification, both domestically and internationally. Parenting four children, travel, and teaching high school Spanish are hallmark experiences in her journey of professional development. She holds a doctorate in Educational leadership and Change from Fielding Graduate University, a master’s degree in Secondary Education-Spanish, and an undergraduate degree in Spanish as well as Business Administration.