Wilkes University

Procedures for Field Experience

Procedures and Policies for Requesting a Field Experience Placement

  • To register for a course with a field experience, Teacher Education candidates must have attained the required GPA and have obtained departmental permission.
  • To obtain departmental permission, a Field Experience Placement Form must be completed at the time of pre-registration, be signed by the advisor, and be submitted to the Coordinator of Field Placements.
  • The Coordinator of Field Placements arranges for all placements. Teacher Education candidates may not arrange for or change placements by contacting school officials. Violations of this policy may result in being dropped from the course and/or review of retention in the Teacher Education Program.
  • All clearances must be submitted to the Education Department prior to final assignment. Failure to do so by the deadline may result in the candidate being dropped from the course and forfeiting the placement.
  • Because clearances may take up to two months to be processed, Teacher Education candidates need to apply for all clearances in a timely manner.