Wilkes University

Pharmacy Residency Teaching and Learning Program

Pharmacy Resident Teaching & Learning Curriculum 

Wilkes University School of Pharmacy's Teaching and Learning Program (TLP) was launched in 2007 and serves as an important learning experience for area pharmacy residents. Our program offers personalized attention to the developing pharmacy professional. The TLC program mission is to equip participants with the knowledge and ability to effectively and confidently facilitate student learning in multiple environments. Wilkes University takes pride in delivering a highly personalized education to our students, and we have developed the TLP with the same approach.

The TLP program is a 10-month hybrid, longitudinal learning experience. The program offers a  curriculum of online and face-to-face sessions from August through May of the residency year. In addition to developing the instructor's foudational knowledge of teaching, the program also offers several opportunities to practice and apply what the resident learns.

An important aspect of our program is integrating meaningful opportunities to apply skills in real teaching environments. Members of the TLP practice and apply their training as section leaders for a service learning course (Longitudinal Care) and guest lecturers in the Alternative Medicine & Nutrition course. As a section leader in Longitudinal Care, resident instructors facilitate small group learning (5-6 students) every other week over two  semesters. In the Alternative Medicine & Nutrition course, resident instructors manage a large classroom experience with enhanced lecture and active learning activities. Residents are also welcome to participate in other aspects of the School of Pharmacy curriculum at their residency program's discretion. Opportunities include leading a topic for a section of Pharmacy Care Lab, OSCE development and evaluation, lecturing in Pharmacotherapeutics, participating in the regional Interprofessional Education Summit, or completing a focused faculty rotation for those seriously considering a career in academia. Finally, residents will likely precept Introductory and/or Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience students (IPPE/APPE) at their respected practice sites.

An important component of our program is mentorship. Each resident is matched with a School of Pharmacy faculty mentor at the start of the TLP. This faculty member serves as a point of contact within the program. The mentor is responsible for guiding and monitoring the resident through all  components of the program and providing necessary feedback and guidance.

Participants are evaluated throughout the program and with a year-end teaching portfolio.