Wilkes University

Claiming and Keeping a Guaranteed Seat

Claiming a Pre-Pharmacy Guaranteed Seat and Keeping It!

PPGS Requirements the Student must:

  • complete four semesters as a full-time pre-pharmacy student and complete pre-requisite courses at Wilkes University within two years.  Students are permitted to take 8 credits of pre-requisite courses at other institutions while enrolled in the PPGS program.  Courses must be approved following the University process prior to taking the course. Pre-requisite course grades taken at other institutions will be factored only into the pharmacy pre-requisite GPA and only credit will be posted to the Wilkes University transcript.  A transferred course will not factor into the overall GPA.  A repeated prerequisite course, when the original earned grade is < 2.0, taken at Wilkes University will replace the grade on the transcript for both the prerequisite and overall GPA.

Achieve a prerequisite cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better in the prerequisite courses listed below by the end of the spring semester in your sophomore year.

  • Pre-requisite courses taken must include 8 credits of general chemistry, 8 credits of organic chemistry or 4 credits of Essentials of Organic Chemistry, 4 credits of general physics, 8 credits of general biology, 4 credits of calculus, 3 credits of elementary statistics, 3 credits of microeconomics and 3 credits of oral communications.  High school advanced placement courses may be accepted in fulfillment of some of these requirements.  The Admissions Office can provide you with the list of eligibility requirements for AP credit.
  • Earning two or more prerequisite course grades less than 2.0, even if one is successfully repeated, will result in losing the guaranteed seat. 

Achieve a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better in all courses taken by the end of  the spring semester in your sophomore year.

  • achieve a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better in all courses taken.  Although non-prerequisite and pre-requisite course credit hours may be transferred to Wilkes from other colleges, you should be aware that grades do not transfer to the overall GPA.  In other words, if you take courses somewhere else, the credit hours may be transferred, but your Wilkes overall GPA will not be affected.

Score above the 25th percentile score in the composite Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT).

  • The School of Pharmacy will accept the highest PCAT score of multiple attempts.

Maintain the highest levels of academic and personal honesty throughout the pre-pharmacy program.

Students caught in the act of cheating, collusion, plagiarism or other and all acts violating the Wilkes University Honesty Policy and/or the Student Code of Conduct may be subject to dismissal from the Guaranteed Seat Program.

Receive a favorable recommendation from your Pre-Pharmacy advisor at the end of your Spring sophomore semester.

  • Failure to receive a favorable recommendation from your Pre-Pharmacy advisor at the end of your Spring sophomore semester will result in forfeiture of the guaranteed seat.

Acknowledge and abide by the Technical Standards Document.

  • Failure to meet the criteria in the Technical Standards Document may lead to forfeiture of the guaranteed seat.