Wilkes University

How to Apply to PPGS

High School Students seeking Pre-Pharmacy Guaranteed Seat (PPGS) Application Process

Step 1

Apply and be accepted to Wilkes University

  • It is recommend you apply as early as the summer between your junior and senior year
  • Identify Pharmacy as your interest on the Wilkes University application
  • Wilkes University applications are processed on a rolling basis starting at the beginning of the fall semester

Wilkes Application

Step 2

In order to be considered for a Pre-Pharmacy guaranteed seat you must first meet the minimal qualifications for consideration to the Pre-Pharmacy program.

  • Be accepted to Wilkes University
  • Have a high school class rank in the top 50th percentile or an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher or class percentile at least 80% or higher
  • SAT Scores: ≥ 1080, OR ACT Scores: ≥ 22

Meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee an interview or admission.

Step 3

If qualified, indicate interest in Pharmacy on Wilkes University application.  This will make available the Pre-Pharmacy Application.

  • Pharmacy application requirements include:
    • 3 letters of recommendation
    • A Statement of Purpose
    • Pre-Pharmacy applications are received on a rolling basis
    • Only completed applications are considered

Step 4

Invitation to Interview

  • Invitations to interview for a Pre-Pharmacy guaranteed seat are e- mailed to prospective students shortly after receipt of their completed applications
  • Interviews take place on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons
  • Prospective Pre-Pharmacy students interview with 1 faculty member for approximately 30 minutes
  • Professional attire is expected

Step 5

Notification of Decision

  • Pre-Pharmacy applicants receive notification within 2 weeks from their interview
  • Decisions indicate if an applicant qualifies for a guaranteed seat OR is to be placed on the wait list.