Wilkes University


Pharm D Candidates are required to complete seven Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience (APPE) blocks for a total of 1440 experiential hours. In accordance with the Accreditation Counsel for Pharmacy Education (ACPE) standards, students are required to complete APPEs in the following settings: community pharmacy, hospital/heath-system pharmacy, ambulatory care, and inpatient/acute care general medicine. As an additional requirement, students are expected to have (at minimum) one APPE under the preceptorship of a faculty member.

Pre-APPE Survey/Questionnaire

This optional questionnaire may be used by preceptors at the start of an APPE rotation to explore more about the students’ past experiences, goals, etc.

Attendance Policy - excerpt from APPE Manual

  • Students are expected to observe a policy of consistent, timely attendance. Any anticipated absence must be approved by the Director of Experiential Programs in advance (prior to requesting approval from the preceptor). If the request is approved by the Director of Experiential Programs, then the preceptor must also then be in agreement. In the case of illness, the preceptor and Director of Experiential Programs are to be notified immediately.
  • Chronic tardiness or unacceptable number of or reasons for absences, as determined by the preceptor, will result in failure of the rotation.
  • No more than 3 days may be missed from rotation time for any reason, or the student will receive an Incomplete grade for the rotation. The rotation must then be repeated. Students who are requesting time to complete residency and/or fellowship and job interviews must obtain prior authorization from the preceptor/faculty before making arrangements for the interview.. Students must provide a copy of the letter of invitation for interview to the preceptor and Director of Experiential Programs at the time of requesting time off. STUDENTS ARE EXPECTED TO MAXIMIZE USE OF THE WEEK OFF BETWEEN BLOCKS 6 AND 7 FOR RESIDENCY INTERVIEWS.
  • Any absences of two or more consecutive rotation days due to illness must be accompanied by a physician’s note. The note should be given to the preceptor and a copy is to be mailed to the Director of Experiential Programs.
  • Any missed time must be made up at the preceptor’s discretion, and may be in the form of time and/or projects.
  • Failure to notify the Director of Experiential Programs of any absence by 10am on the day of the absence may result in failure of the rotation. Call 570-408-4291 and leave specific message including the number where you can be reached.