Wilkes University

Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

School Of Pharmacy Strategic Plan 2013-­2016


Our mission is to develop pharmacists who will provide high quality health care and to make meaningful contributions to the science and practice of pharmacy.


We will be recognized as an exceptional pharmacy program through innovative education, contemporary practice, and valuable scientific contributions.


Teamwork, Professionalism, Lifelong Learning, Cultural Competency, Personalized Attention, and Community Engagement.

Strategic Initiatives: 2013 – 2016

  1. Evolve to remain innovators in education capable of attracting high-­‐quality students.
  2. Create a culture of research and scholarship within the School of Pharmacy.
  3. Assess viability of university based practice programs.
  4. Develop strategic collaborations with universities, health care systems, insurance providers, pharmacies, pharmaceutical industry, etc.
  5. Embrace and enhance inter-­‐professional education
  6. Enhance culture of integrative assessment.

Strategic Objectives: Academic Year 2014 – 2015

  1. Evaluate the curriculum for “critical items” and create a tool of specific measures that define success for these items. (SI1)
    1. Accountable: Assessment Committee
  2. Create a formal assessment plan for evaluating and addressing emerging concerns (student employment challenges, direct competition, facilities, etc.). (SI1)
    1. Accountable: Strategic Planning Committee
  3. Evaluate and propose and alternative sequence to the School of Pharmacy curriculum. (SI1)
    1. Accountable: Curriculum Committee
  4. Support and explore curricular tracks/concentrations (Spanish, Leadership, etc.). (SI1)
    1. Accountable: Curriculum Committee
  5. Evaluate the atmosphere and potential for a satellite school in a secondary location. (SI1)
    1. Accountable: Executive Committee
  6. Develop a plan to increase the resources for faculty and students to conduct, present, and be exposed to meaningful research. (SI2)
    1. Accountable: Dean & Department Chairs
  7. Create a list of possible collaborations or partnerships for which the School may pursue in the next 3 to 5 years. (SI3)
    1. Accountable: Executive Committee
  8. Create a subcommittee in charge of coordinating and assessing interprofessional activities as all levels of Pharmacy education. (SI5)
    1. Accountable: Chair, Department of Pharmacy Practice
  9. Develop a plan for implementing & evaluating pre-­‐APPE assessments (OSCE, PCOA, etc.) (SI6)
    1. Accountable: Assessment Committee
  10. Decide if the School will adopt examination software and create a draft plan for implementation and assessment. (SI6)
    1. Accountable: Executive Committee