Wilkes University

Strategic Planning Process

Development of Initiatives and Objectives

Example Strategic Initiatives

  1. Create a culture of research and scholarship within the School of Pharmacy
  2. Realize academic excellence
  3. Create a culture of integrative assessment
  4. Celebrate accomplishments in line with the new mission and vision
  5. Ebrace and enhance inter-professional education
  • There are the initiatives that the school would like to see come to realization by the end of this 3-4 year timeframe.
  • It will allow administration to allocate and prioritize resources which support these initiatives.

Example Strategic Objectives

  • Develop departmental guidance documents for tenure and promotion.
    Accountable: Chairs
  • Create a plan to develop research and scholarly skills of faculty.
    Accountable: Chairs & Asst. Dean
  • Establish departmental and school wide goals for aggregate productivity of scholarship.
    Accountable: Chairs and Dean
  • Complete content and outcome curricular mapping.
    Accountable: Curriculum Committee
  • Clarify roles and responsibilities for assessment.
    Accountable: Dean
  • Implement E-Value curricular and experiental components.
    Accountable: Curriculum Committee
  • Develop communications plan to increase peer recognition as a premiere school of pharmacy.
    Accountable: Executive Committee
  • These are the objective that are to be completed within the given year and the parties accountable to assure they are addressed.
  • They are developed with the insights from all vested members of the Wilkes Community, but will particularly seek guidance from administration and the accountable person and/or committee.
  • Once yearly retreat of these parties is expected between academic years to help identify new objectives for the following year.
  • These will be embedded into the charges of respective committee's as appropriate.
  • Accountable parties of these objectives will give periodic updates to the strategic planning committee to assure progress.