Writing at Wilkes

The Kirby Canon

The Kirby Canon

The Kirby Canon is a yearly publication that celebrates undergraduate and graduate student writing, research and scholarship. The essays published in each edition were written by students enrolled in courses offered by the English Department, including General Education ENG 101 and ENG 120 courses, and 200 to 400-level courses for English majors, minors, and graduate students. All Kirby Canon submissions are evaluated by a group of faculty and student peer reviewers.

Manuscript Manuscript

The Manuscript Society of Wilkes University  has been publishing its creative written and visual art magazine, Manuscript, continuously since 1947. Currently, the student-led editorial staff publishes two issues a year, and copies are complimentary.

Faculty advisors to the Manuscript Society are English Department faculty Drs. Sean Kelly and Mischelle Anthony

The Medium The Medium

The Medium is the Communication Studies Department's newsletter that is published quarterly by Wilkes students who are a part of Zebra Communication, a student-run public relations agency.

The Inkwell Quarterly

The Inkwell Quarterly

The Inkwell Quarterly is a student-based publication circulated among the Wilkes population as well as prospective students who consider entering the English program. The IQ provides current information about faculty events and students active in the Wilkes’ English program.

WGS Newsletter Women's and Gender Studies Newsletter

The Women's and Gender Studies newsletter discussed topical items, current events and more in relation to gender studies on campus and around the globe.

Psychles Psychles

Psychles is the official quarterly newsletter of the Wilkes University Department of Psychology. The publication covers current events, department calendars, psychology in the media, GRE prep info, the intern of the month and more.

For more information, contact: Dr. Deborah Tindell, professor, psychology.

The Beacon

The Beacon

The Beacon is the student produced newspaper for Wilkes University featuring "The news of today reported by the journalists of tomorrow."