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Acting at Wilkes guides the student in finding honest and creative strategies that articulate the actor's connection to his role.  In classes and play production we explore a wide range of techniques including improvisation, diction training, movement and mask.  We are open to new approaches but still provide a strong traditional foundation with the goal of developing a strong physical and vocal instrument wedded to a vital theatrical imagination.

In acting classes, hands-on work is emphasized and all four levels of acting classes focus on doing.  After building self-awareness, physicality, commitment and discipline in foundation classes, the student moves to upper level acting classes where the training combines the use of imagination with a focus on textual analysis and scene study.

Body work training is consistent throughout all acting, voice, mask and movement classes.  During four years, students continue to develop skills in responding authentically to other actors, the text and the inner world.

By creating a safe and relaxed environment the student is encouraged to risk failure but aim for success.  A high level of involvement is expected in acting classes that aims to keep the student to a path of personal success.