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A group of performing arts students at Wilkes University dancing on stage.

Welcome to Wilkes University’s Pre-Professional Theatre Training Program!

Theatre artists are inspiring people. At Wilkes University we teach theatre artists who are exceedingly creative, passionate and driven human beings. We teach theatre artists, who are excited to work as a team; who create to their highest ability; who take feedback confidently and graciously; and who grow with poise and polish everyday. Our students are inspiring theatre artists

The theatre program at the Wilkes is a pre-professional theatre training program with an added liberal arts emphasis. We are committed to our small class sizes, individual support for each student, and the mission of our program to create an accomplished pre-professional theatre artist. Additionally, we are known for the excellence of our productions, and of our theatre students, as evidenced through accolades and awards from the American College Theatre Festival sponsored by the Kennedy Center.

A student who is accepted into the Wilkes Theatre Program has the opportunity to focus on one of three majors: Musical Theatre (BFA), Theatre Design & Technology (BA), or Theatre Arts (BA). Students majoring in Theatre Arts may also pursue concentrations in acting/directing, design/tech, or dance. Our program produces four main stage productions each year, two musicals and two non-musicals, plus multiple blackbox senior capstone productions. Our main stage proscenium theater space, the Darling Theater, can seat 478 people, enjoys state of the art computer lighting and sound systems, and boasts a 36 line set and a hydraulic stage elevator/orchestra pit.

Our faculty is devoted to educating the finest, the most creative and the most driven theater artists and human beings. Please join us for an exhilarating four years of exceptional training - we would love the opportunity to inspire you as part of the Wilkes University Theatre Program!

Best wishes,

Jon Liebetrau
Director of Theatre Program
Phone: 570-408-4442
Fax: 570-408-7842
Email: jon.liebetrau@wilkes.edu