Wilkes University

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Location: The Alden Learning Commons in the Farley Library
Phone: 570.408.2753

Writing Center Mission and Values:

Writing Center Mission:
Housed within the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences, the Wilkes University Writing Center exists to provide students, faculty and staff with free academic support services that complement writing across the disciplines, thereby promoting academic excellence.
Augmenting and reinforcing writing instruction practices across the disciplines, the Writing Center is principally dedicated to supporting student writers as they engage in coursework that prepares them for lifelong learning, graduate studies, and a variety of professional careers. For both its staff and clients, the Writing Center also provides educational and co-curricular experiences that foster written and oral communication skills, critical thinking capacities, research abilities, and academic and professional development.

Writing Center Values (WCVs):
The Wilkes University Writing Center is dedicated to:

WCV 1: Supporting the development of written communication, oral communication, and research skills that enable innovative academic inquiry, scholarship, and lifelong learning.

WCV 2: Supporting the development of critical thinking skills relevant to the various programs of study offered by the university.

WCV 3: Providing academic, personal, and professional mentoring experiences that prepare students for lifelong learning, rewarding careers, and creative and meaningful lives.