Our “Literature Concentration,” emphasizes the close study of literature, other texts (including visual and digital), writing, research, and critical theory. Our program emphasizes the development of skills in core areas of literary and English studies:

  • The development of skills in language, writing, reading and rhetoric
  • The practice of critical and creative thinking and writing
  • The examination of the diversity of human identity and experience.

As a student in our English program, you can expect these experiences:

  • Select courses from a wide range of literary periods and genres
  • Work closely with our faculty in the classroom
  • Close advising and mentoring by your English faculty advisor
  • Small classroom size
  • Classes in historic Kirby Hall where the program is located
  • Workshop with guest writers as part of the program’s “Spring Writers Series”

In addition, you can also simultaneously complete a minor in “Creative Writing” or “Workplace Writing” while completing the major.

Co-Curricular and Internship Opportunities

You can participate in one or more of the many co-curricular opportunities the English program offers, including The Inkwell Quarterly, The Manuscript, and the Writing Mentors program. To learn more, check out the links to each of these on the website’s main page.

Many of our majors also complete internships in areas that serve career interests and passions.

Careers and Professions

The skills, values, and habits of thought acquired through the study of language, theory, and literature prepare you for leadership positions and careers in law, graduate school, communications, journalism, publishing, business, government service, and other professional areas.

Recent Graduates

  • Student in the PhD program at the University of Tulsa - Full assistantship for MA and PhD programs
  • Law school graduate
  • MFA student
  • Student in graduate program at Carnegie Mellon University
  • Instructor in English at Wilkes and other Northeastern PA universities
  • PhD candidate in English at Villanova University
  • PhD student at the University of Connecticut – Full Teaching Assistantship
  • Teaching assistantship at Ashford University Online
  • Graduate assistant at Indiana University of Pennsylvania

To learn more, please contact the chairperson of the English Department, Dr. Larry Kuhar, at Lawrence.Kuhar @Wilkes.edu (570-408-4532).