The Wyoming Valley’s lush, fertile ancestry dates before the American Revolution. It expands with the discovery of coal that brought waves of European immigrants in the late 1800s and spurred industrial development throughout the region. As such, the Wyoming Valley is abundant in history and a diversity of human tales.

To this end, this website attempts to collect the various research efforts conducted by Wilkes’s Wyoming Valley History projects and the work of other historians. While focusing on projects conducted through the Wilkes University programs, this site seeks to link the assorted historical associations and research projects throughout the region.

The Wyoming Valley Area Oral History Project, initiated by Drs. John Hepp and Mark Stine, endeavors to collect and preserve oral histories of the region for present and future generations, provide for easy community access to this valuable resource, and enhance curriculum and student learning. It has provided a valuable repository for future scholars studying history and social movements that helped shape the region.

Wilkes-Barre Farmers Market 

Historically rich in natural resources, the Wyoming Valley is a landscape equally rich in its history. Accordingly, the Wyoming Valley History Project’s mission is to explore, uncover and publicize the region’s historical resources.

Those involved in the current Wyoming Valley History Project are preparing a documentary on the Wilkes-Barre Farmers Market, now enjoying its 38th year. Interviewers will be filming market participants and those who have played a role in the market’s development and growth over the years.

Calendar of events 

If you have an event that involves local history, please let us know about it. Send all details and contact information in an email to the Wyoming Valley History Project.