Links to Local History Associations 

The Wyoming Valley has a broad, rich history, and there are many groups, organizations and associations that exist just to tell the story of Northeast Pennsylvania's multifaceted heritage. Here are a few of those.

If you have an organization that you would like to include in the listing below, please contact Dr. John Hepp.

Greater Pittston Historical Society

Visitors are welcomed into family homes and neighborhoods with a moment of reflection in the kitchen, a visit to the pub or a seat in a local church.Based in Pittston, Pa., the Greater Pittston Historical Society documents and preserves the images and stories of the people, places and events that are part of the past, present and future of the Greater Pittston area. The historical society works to build and maintain relationships with other groups of similar interest and to bring local history into area classrooms in an effort to ensure the rich history of the Greater Pittston area lives on. The Greater Pittston Historical Society is run by John Dziak.

Anthracite Heritage Museum

The Anthracite Heritage Museum is in Scranton, Pa. The museum tells the story of the people who came from Europe to work in the anthracite mining and textiles industries. Visitors will experience the lives of proud people who endured harsh working conditions yet carved out communities filled with tradition.

Lackawanna Historical Society

The Lackawanna Historical Society was founded in 1886. It is one of the oldest cultural institutions in the county. The mission of the LHS is to collect, preserve and interpret the artifacts, archives and bibliographic materials of the social, cultural and economic history of Lackawanna County and northeastern Pennsylvania.

It serves to encourage an appreciation of the wider history and culture of the United States by relating the regional experience to that of the nation via programs and activities.

Lackawanna, Wyoming Valley Rail Historical Society

The Lackawanna and Wyoming Valley Rail Historical Society is a chapter of the National Rail Historical Society. Its coverage area is mainly Northeastern Pennsylvania from Honesdale to Hazelton.

The chapter is interested in the preservation of historic rail equipment, specifically the restoration of the Boston & Maine 3713 in Scranton. Its coverage area of is Northeastern Pennsylvania from Scranton to Hazelton.

Luzerne County Historical Society

The Wyoming Historical and Geological Society was incorporated in May 1858, becoming the Luzerne County Historical Society with a mission to preserve and promote the collective history and heritage of Luzerne County, PA.

In 1882, Isaac Osterhout directed that space for the society be included in a free library that was to be established under his will. The society records and interprets the history, traditions, events, people and cultures that have directed and molded life in the region.

Wyoming County Historical Society

The Wyoming County Historical Society was organized to make the county’s rich heritage available to the public.

A genealogical library is located in the old brick school building in the Tunkhannock and is a major source of public research material Its collection includes numerous books on New England ancestry, newspapers dating back to 1797 and census records for Wyoming and surrounding counties from 1790 to 1930. A historical museum displays items from Wyoming County and surrounding areas.