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Vicky Edgecombe

TOPIC: Women’s Empowerment: Participation, Power and Perception

Photo of Edgecomb

Empowering women and girls has been recognized by world leaders as key to economic growth, political stability and social transformation.  Among other measures, women’s empowerment has included assessing equal representation in politics, as well as in senior decision-making roles in the public and private sector, and equality in pay.  Yet around the globe, a massive shift towards empowering women has yet to truly take hold.  Why are some women empowered while others are not?  What do we perceive to be barriers to achieving women’s empowerment and what really are those restrictions?  And what happens to those women who are empowered?  As a lawyer and senior advisor for close to 15 years in the public, private and voluntary sectors, Vicky Edgecombe will explore these questions with a particular focus on her work in ensuring accountability for sexual and gender based violence atrocity crimes and researching barriers to political participation, including the effects of harassment, intimidation and violence against female politicians from around the world. 

  • When: 4 p.m. | Oct. 27, 2016
  • Where: Arnaud C. Marts Center, Room 214
  • For more information contact: Mildred Urban (570) 408-4330.

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