Decision-Making & Change Focus Group Members

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University Process for Decision-Making & Change (UPDMC) Committee

Dr. Tim Gilmour - President, Committee Chair

Mr. Brian Bogert – Associate Director of Assessment, Staff to Committee

Mr. Michael Hardik – Lead Carpenter

Dr. Arthur Kibbe – Professor & Department Chair Pharmaceutical Sciences

Dr. Kyle Kreider – Assistant Professor, Political Science

Mr. Thomas Messinger – Executive. Director, Campus Support Services

Mrs. Karen O’Boyle – Service Associate, Student Services

Ms. Mackensey O’Hara – Student Representative

Dr. R. Gregory Peters – Assistant Professor, Chemistry

Dr. Marianne Rexer – Professor, Sidhu School of Business

Dr. Michael Speziale – Dean of Graduate & Professional Studies and School of Education

Dr. Reynold Verret – Provost

Mr. Michael Wood – Vice President of Advancement