Committee Responsibilities

The committee shall have responsibilities including:

  1. Representing the accident and illness prevention concerns of employees at every employer workplace. 
  2. Reviewing the employer's hazard detection and accident and illness prevention programs and formulating written proposals.
  3. Establishing procedures for periodic workplace inspections by the safety committees for the purpose of locating and identifying health and safety hazards. The locations and identity of hazards shall be documented in writing, and the committees shall make proposals to the applicant-employer regarding correction of the hazards.
  4. Conducting review of incidents resulting in work-related deaths, injuries and illnesses and of complaints regarding health and safety hazards made by committee members or other employees.
  5. Conducting follow-up evaluations of newly implemented health and safety equipment or health and safety procedures to assess their effectiveness.
  6. Establishing a system to allow the committee members to obtain safety-related proposals, reports of hazards or other information directly from persons involved in the operation of the workplace.

A quorum of committee members shall meet at least monthly. 

The committees shall additionally:

  1. Develop operating procedures, such as rules or bylaws, prescribing the committees' duties.
  2. Develop and maintain membership lists.
  3. Develop a written agenda for each committee meeting.
  4. Maintain committee meeting attendance lists.
  5. Take and maintain minutes of each committee meeting, which the applicant-employer shall review. Copies of minutes shall be posted or made available for all employees and shall be sent to each committee member.
  6. Ensure that the reports, evaluations and proposals of the committees become part of the minutes of the meeting which shall include:
    1. Inspection reports.
    2. Reports on specific hazards and corrective measures taken.
    3. Reports on workplace injuries or illnesses.
    4. Management responses to committee reports.
  7. Make decisions by majority vote.