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Wilkes University Professor Helps High School Students Take Written Work From “Page to Stage”
Students in four northeast Pennsylvania school districts have a chance to become playwrights in a special program being piloted by Wilkes University professor Bonnie Culver. Culver, director of Wilkes’ graduate creative writing program, worked with two graduate students on a master of fine arts project developing a pilot program, “Page to Stage.” Culver is working as guest artist in four high schools – Hanover Area, Hazleton, Tunkhannock and Wyoming Valley West – to teach basic elements of playwriting to students.

Wilkes Students Offer Green Solutions to Local Businesses
For students at Wilkes University, being green is more than a trend that involves sorting their recyclables and carrying reusable grocery bags.  Each semester, 12 students take part in the “Sustainability Consultancy,” a course run jointly by the business and environmental science programs at Wilkes that allows students to work as consultants, helping local companies adopt more sustainable practices and market themselves as “green” businesses. Structured like a consulting firm, the course offers students the chance to work in a real-life job environment. Students work in teams of four and each team is assigned a local small business to evaluate.  Participating businesses have included a florist, beauty salon, family restaurant, and medical equipment distributor, among others.  

Education is an Adventure at Wilkes University
A college education at Wilkes University may involve lectures, books, and classroom learning, but it can also include a rock wall, ropes courses, and maybe even skydiving. These and other elements make up the adventure education program at Wilkes university, a unique curriculum designed to engage students in fun, alternative learning experiences through physically demanding activities. There's even an adventure coordinator.

Beyond Bollywood 
The culture of India comes to life every week during classical Indian dance classes offered at the Community Conservatory at Wilkes University. The class - held every Friday from 3:30 to 6:30 - focuses on the Bharata Natyam style of Indian classical dance. The style is derived from ancient dance forms originating in Tamil Nadu, India, making it one of the oldest dance forms of its kinds. The classes are taught by Sujata Nair-Mulloth, world renowned performer, teacher, and choreographer, and trained in three styles of Indian Classical dance.

Green Internships
Increasing interest in “going green” in government, business and industry is influencing internship choices among Wilkes University students. Internships were once chosen with an eye on building a resume, acquiring job skills and earning credit. Now add another reason: doing some good for the environment. Wilkes University students are going green in their internship choices. 

Teaching in a Web 2.0 World

Today’s generation of elementary and high school students have never known a world without the internet or cell phones. Forget the blackboard and lectures when it comes to teaching this new generation of learners. Innovative teaching methods and interactive, project-based learning is the key. Faculty in Wilkes graduate education programs in instructional media and 21st century teaching and learning can talk about the difference in teaching then and now.

Mentoring Matters

One-on-one relationships with professors are common at small universities. At Wilkes University, its part of the culture of the institution – so much so that developing mentoring opportunities was a focus of its strategic plan. A Mentoring Task Force is charged with creating a system of mentoring opportunities for students, staff and faculty at all educational and organizational levels of the University. Mentoring begins when incoming freshman are paired with upperclassmen through an E-mentoring program. Mentoring mini-grants are awarded to fund faculty/student trips to conferences and other activities that promote the mentoring relationship. Students in the Sidhu School of Business and Leadership have an opportunity to pair with alumni mentors.

Writing Their Own Story

A Philadelphia judge, a Chicago priest, a junior lieutenant in the U.S. Navy and a former member of the band Arrested Development . Their backgrounds are diverse, but they have one thing in common: A love for the written word that has drawn them to Wilkes’ master’s degree program in creative writing. The program – which also features a world-class faculty and advisory board – is a limited residency program that requires students to spend just two weeks annually on the University’s Wilkes-Barre campus. During the rest of the year, writers work on projects in one of four genres – poetry, fiction, non-fiction and playwriting/screenwriting – as they receive critiques and engage in discussion with teachers and classmates via the Internet.

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