Wilkes University

Accounting / General Ledger

Accounting Services (General Accounting)

General Accounting’s main duties are maintaining the general ledger for the University and reporting Financial Information internally and externally. We are responsible for the preparation of the University’s financial statements, annual not-for-profit 990 tax return, and for maintaining the accuracy and integrity of the University’s Capital Asset database by ensuring that capital assets are acquired, transferred and disposed of in accordance with University policies and procedures.

We establish and maintain the chart of accounts that is used to process transactions to outside vendors and to other departments on campus.  We are also responsible for the accounting of grant and gift funds, endowment funds, student clubs, agency funds, fixed assets and capital projects, and other restricted and unrestricted funds of the University. 

Contact us

Heidi Burke Heidi.burke @wilkes.edu (570) 408-5613
Kimberly Keller Kimberly.keller@wilkes.edu (570) 408-3070
Maria Dwyer maria.dwyer@wilkes.edu (570) 408-4659
Laura Zajaczkowski laura.zajaczkowski@wilkes.edu (570) 408-4652