Wilkes University

Summer Program

From late June through early August students come to Wilkes to experience college life during a six-week residential program. Students live in a residence hall supervised by Upward Bound staff and attend full days of classes and activities.

Example schedule:

  • Morning classes, which prepare students for the next high school year, include such courses as chemistry, physics, composition, communications, reading, geometry, and study skills.
  • In the afternoons, students participate in a career placement program, extracurricular classes such as art and drama, and personal development discussions.
  • Evenings are devoted to study time and recreational and social activities such as sports, arts and crafts, aerobics, and photography.
  • Special events include trips to state parks and historical sites such as Gettysburg and Philadelphia.

The intensive six-week program gives students a chance to grow academically, socially, and personally by providing individual attention, career exploration, academic classes, tutoring, personal development, information about college, financial aid information, academic advisement, and SAT preparation.